How to Make Your Dissertation Longer?

A dissertation is a serious scientific exploration of a certain issue. It can be divided into two big sections: a theoretical part and practical research. The number of pages may vary depending on the concrete subject of the investigation and on the scientific branch in which you are working. Certainly, such a paper will have a large size because meaningful investigations are always substantial. The work must also include the list of references, the literature review, and many other points. It may happen so that the results of your independent research will be set out in a short size due to the lack of literature resources, for instance. Hence, it is important to know how to meet the requirements concerning the number of pages in a finished project.

What Else Can You Include in Your Dissertation?

A thesis must be a substantial project in the research sphere, especially in terms of its size. So, here are the most effective ways how to make it bigger:

  1. Add more examples. Each survey must have a practical part. You may take some examples from practice and include them into the theoretical part to prove your ideas. This way will also show how deep your independent analysis of the certain issue was.
  2. Give suitable quotes. Certainly, a thesis, as any serious research, will be full of references to the materials of other authors. Such references should be given in the text in a form of footnotes with the number of certain sources in the list of references. In addition to footnotes, you may also quote relevant sayings of serious scholars whose works you used as the basis for your own. This method can make the text more interesting and readable, and it is also suitable to make a thesis bigger.
  3. Insert the paragraph concerning the possible further investigation. If you have a great desire to develop your academic career further, it is possible to write a paragraph about it in the conclusion of your research. Thus, such passage can be a good opportunity to describe what spheres are interesting for you, and what new steps you want to take for their future development.
  4. Acknowledgements. Certainly, you made a good job, but you should not forget about people who helped you in the way of your study. Therefore, you may include one more additional section to the text of the work. This section can be called “Acknowledgements” and it will be devoted to your thanks to colleagues and the scientific supervisor. You may find the dissertation acknowledgment sample in the Internet.
  5. Enlarge the number of literature resources. The more books you use, the deeper your investigation must be. So, enumerate all books which you have read during the work on the project.

All described methods might help you to make your thesis not only longer but also captivating and easy to read. Don’t forget that it is your independent exploration, and it must be substantial, engrossing and open new horizons for you as a scientist.